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Many patients and families turn to hospice when a curative treatment is no longer an option and quality of life, comfort and pain management becomes the primary focus of patient care. Regardless of age or illness, hospice services are provided to patients who have a limited life expectancy, giving patients the opportunity to spend their final days in their home or a home-like atmosphere, rather than a hospital setting.

A hospice provides personalized patient care that neither hastens, nor postpones life. Instead, hospices create an atmosphere in which the patient and his/her family can prepare for death in a comfortable setting. Understanding the variety of physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of both the patient and the family, a hospice staff ensures that each person receives the practical support needed, based on the specific requirements of each individual and family.

Patients can choose from two hospice options home hospice or a hospice house. With home hospice the patient is cared for in their own home; the hospice nurse will visit and care for the patient as required. Depending on the care needed to keep the patient comfortable, a scheduled time and visit length will be established.

Patients who choose a hospice house will be cared for at a medical facility designed specifically for hospice care. Patients rooms will look more like a nice hotel room, rather than a hospital room. Medical equipment will be available, but cleverly hidden, so as not to be intrusive. Patients will receive personalized care based on their needs.

For more information about hospice visit the Hospice Foundation of America.
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